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Kid's Martial Arts in Evergreen Park, Illinois

Our Kids Self Defense Program is designed to promote self-defense and character development through goal setting, self-respect, working with other kids and adults, self-control and respect for others. We use a mixed approach of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kenpo Karate, Thai Boxing and monthly POWerful Words to help students achieve self-confidence. The belt system teaches patience, practice, good attitude and self-discipline.
Kids Jiu Jitsu - Academy of Self Defense in Evergreen Park, IL
Kids MMA - Academy of Self Defense in Evergreen Park, IL

Little Ninjas

PreSkills Karate For Ages 3-5

Your kids learn the fundamentals of karate and self defense, practicing balance, coordination, fine motor skill development, listening, focus and self-discipline. We throw in a healthy dash of fun! Most of our Pre-School kids graduate into the Kids Program with at least a Yellow belt!

Kids MMA 5+

Learning Martial arts can be life changing for developing children. Being able to grow at our studio socially, physically, and mentally affirms your child will learn proper temperament and discipline. Bring your child in today!

Teen MMA 16+

If you're an older teen looking to take your martial arts abilities to the next level, Academy of Self Defense can help. We specialize in working with young adults and work to keep them motivated and challenged.

Key Benefits

  • Learn character building skills essential for good problem solving throughout life
  • Learn Self Defense
  • Learn Stanger Danger